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Important Security Guard Information

BSIS Firearms Requirements - for Security Guards, Alarm Agents, Private Investigators and Private Patrol Operators (PPO) Security Guard Training - You need to complete the 8-hour Power To Arrest course to get your guard card initially.  Then, you need to complete two mandatory courses and two elective courses for a total of 16 hours in the first 30 days, and another two mandatory and two elective courses for an additional 16 hours within the first 6 months. You need 8 hours of training each year to retain your guard card.

Security Guard Firearms Permit

This allows you to open (exposed) carry when you are in uniform. You need to complete a 14-hour course (8 hours classroom and 6 hours range time).  You need to submit an application to BSIS upon completion.  You then qualify for each specific caliber you intend to carry.  Firearms requalification is needed twice each year in order for you to renew at the end of two years.  In other words, you need to requalify four times by the time you renew after two years. Here's a link on the BSIS website.


Assembly Bill AB 2880 was a landmark bill inalifornia that requires new guards to meet the training requirement is below.  That bill was passed and first implemented in the year 2004.


New guards can get their guard card with an initial 8 hours training (Power To Arrest/ Weapons of Mass Destruction / Terrorism Awareness course).

To update your new guard card, you need an additional 16 hours of training in the first 30 days.  Also, 16 more hours of training is needed in
the first 6 months.

All guards need to have 8 hours refresher course each year for as long as they have their guard card.

The guard card is good for a term of 2 years and
is renewable each 2 years.


A firearms permit requires 14 hours of firearms training.  It's also necessary to qualify for each caliber (9mm, .40, .45, etc.) for which the guard wants to carry.  The permit holder is required to qualify twice a year, semi-annually at the range with live fire.  The firearms permit is good for a term of 2 years and is renewable each 2 years. Permit holders are advised to renew 60 days prior to the expiration of the firearms permit.


A California security guard can carry OC pepper spray only with appropriate training.  A certification card will provide proof of authority to carry.


Don't let your guard card license elapse.  Although you already have your guard card, the state (BSIS - Bureau of Security and Investigative Services), you need to make sure that you are meeting the training requirements, including the annual training. Same goes for security guard firearms permits.  BSIS will definitely verify your training when you're up for renewal, so you have to stay on top of this.  We at Academy Security Training can help you meet the security training requirements. We are here to help you.

Services we are offering to you, the California security guard:

*Firearms Qualifications
*Bi-annual Firearms Requalification 
*Assistance and guidance in applying to BSIS - Bureau of Security and
Investigative Services

*Security Guard Courses (Call for availability)

1. Power To Arrest / Weapons of Mass Destruction / Terrorism    Awareness (Mandatory, 8 hours)

2.Public Relations- Community & Customer (Mandatory, 4 hours)

3.Observation and Documentation (Mandatory, 4 hours)

4.Communication and Its Significance (Mandatory, 4 hours)

5.Liability and Legal Aspects (Mandatory, 4 hours)

6. Post Orders and Assignments (Elective, 4 hours)

7.Company Policies/Orientation (Elective, 4 hours)

8.Evacuation Procedures (Elective, 4 hours)

9.Officer Safety (Elective, 4 hours)

10.Arrests, Search and Seizures (Elective, 4 hours)

11.Access Control (Elective, 2 hours)

12.Trespass (Elective, 4 hours)

13.Criminal Laws (Elective, 2 hours)

14.Handling Difficult People (Elective, 4 hours)

15.Workplace Violence (Elective, 4 hours)

16.Chemical Agents (Elective, 8 hours)

17.Preserving the Incident Scene (Elective, 4 hours)

18.Crowd Control (Elective, 4 hours)

19.Driver Safety (Elective, 4 hours)

20.Security Supervision (Elective, 4 hours)

21.Courtroom Demeanor (Elective, 4 hours)

22.Parking/Traffic Control (Elective, 2 hours)

23.Radio Procedures (Elective, 2 hours)

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