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Great Wall Security
Training Center (GWSTC) is a security training agency managed by an experienced team which is licensed and bonded by The State of California, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). License: TFF 1280, TFB 1175

Great Wall Security Training Center (GWSTC) is a BSIS-licensed security guard training company which helps California security guards obtain their guard card and get a firearms permit, baton permit and OC pepper spray certificate to carry.  We are duly certified and insured to effectively provide services for the California security guard.  Also, for VIP executive bodyguards who travel, we are certified to train for a multi-state CCW (concealed carry weapon) gun permit that is good for many states in the US.  These credentials are for the Utah and Florida non-resident concealed carry permits.

In addition, GWSTC (Be Safe Gun Training) is approved as a recognized facility by the California Department of Justice to provide training to firearms instructors for certification as Handgun Safety instructors.  This is a very specialized niche and available.

We provide quality course designed around your needs: Powers to Arrest,Exposed Firearms Permit, Baton permit, Tear Gas Firearms Requalification, Bodyguard,CCW, Loss Prevention, Arrest & School Security, CPR & First Aid, Live Scan Services and more. Control Techniques, Taster Certification.

We encourage you to shop around and find the best training facility for you.  GWSTC provides the best prices around for the area as well as schedules that accommodate many people.  We strive to provide good service.  If something is not to your satisfaction, please feel free to inform us and we will greatly appreciate that.  We endeavor to improve to the best of our ability.  Many students appreciate our service and we have a lot of repeat business, and many companies trust us to meet their training needs.



Great Wall Security International

Bright International Investigations

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

BSIS Online Guard Registration Info Page
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California Association of Licensed
Security Agencies, Guards and Associates (CALSAGA)


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